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Every company is looking for the same thing – to find and hire the kind of people who will drive their organization’s growth. What’s more, the talent pool of skilled candidates is getting smaller every day. Combining these two challenges makes finding the best talent now more important than ever. So why then is it still mostly a guessing game?

For one thing, recruiters don’t have the time to reference-check every candidate by phone. And, hiring managers within organizations don’t always have the HR skills or background to conduct thorough or compliant interviews. That’s all changed.


A data-driven hiring process

Our Pre-Hire 360® system allows recruiters to get candid reference feedback from as many as 5 references in less than 2 working days.

More importantly, with more than 400 scientifically validated job-specific surveys for 23 different job families, our system helps companies analyze a candidate’s past job performance to predict their future job performance.

This means greater long-term performance and a reduction in turnover. And the candidates’ references get to opt-in to our private invite-only passive candidate sourcing solution.

So if a new job ever needs to be filled, you have access to thousands of warm leads, you’ve already established a connection with.

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Solutions for companies both large and small

When you don’t have the massive resources of an enterprise, there’s a lot more hinging on every single hiring decision you make.

For a smaller company, candidates need a special mix of entrepreneurial competencies and spirit to help your business grow. Without the ability to see if a candidate has these necessary behaviors, you’re practically flying blind.


Measuring values and behaviors

Our Pre-Hire 360® system makes sure organizations have exactly the information they need to understand a candidate’s past job performance.

Our system relies on the ratings of others instead of self-evaluations from the candidates themselves. When our clients analyze the data and review the ratings, our system has proven to be predictive of future job performance and success. In the end, the system can give organizations like yours the best possible view into whether or not a candidate has the behaviors to succeed, thereby:

  • Improving the efficiency of your recruiting process
  • Reducing the risk of hiring the wrong person
  • Helping you find people with the exact mix of competence and behaviors your organization needs

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