SkillSurvey: A More Strategic Approach To Staffing

Your goal is to hire smart people. So you’d better be smart about the way you hire. SkillSurvey’s automated reference assessment and candidate tracking solutions give you:

  • The ability to quickly react to a changing talent pipeline
  • Insight into the behaviors that candidates have exhibited on the job
  • An analysis that differentiates between candidates
  • Data that can inform interviews
  • A rich supply of candidates waiting in the wings for hard-to-fill knowledge-worker positions
  • Dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor the efficiency of the hiring cycle

SkillSurvey supports your strategic approach to talent management, using technology to improve the efficiency, objectivity, and overall success of the process. We’ve been helping clients such as industry giants Genworth Financial and John Hancock realize their staffing goals, and we can help you!


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