Healthcare and Predictive Hiring

Finding people who care about healthcare

We’ve had a lot of experience in the healthcare industry. Over 800 leading hospitals already use our predictive hiring solutions to find the right people.

So we know that choosing the right candidate isn’t just about qualifications. It’s about identifying the competencies, values and behaviors that shape a candidate’s performance – and your patients’ experiences.

Measuring key skills

That’s why our predictive hiring solution Pre-Hire 360® measures the critical behaviors that indicate if a candidate will perform well on the job, get along well with the team and help boost patient satisfaction (thereby increasing those all-important HCAHPS scores).

We’ve created over 100 scientifically validated job-specific surveys for over 11 healthcare job families so that you can assess candidates on the exact job specific behaviors that you’re looking for.

Analyzing how references rate their past job performance, Pre-Hire 360® predicts their future performance.

It’s how great institutions like Penn Medicine, the UCSF Medical Center and MetroHealth are able to:

  • Achieve higher HCAHPS scores than the national average
  • Improve recruiting efficiency
  • Lower the risk of a bad hire
  • Comply with the Joint Commission, EEOC, and OFCCP regulations and accreditation guidelines

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