SkillSurvey: Process Improvements For The Recruitment Function

Manufacturers eager to make process improvements and realize efficiencies in all phases of their operations will appreciate how SkillSurvey’s solutions bring speed, consistency, and assistance with decision-making to the hiring process. Whether for openings on the production floor or in leadership ranks, SkillSurvey delivers:

  • An automated way to assess candidates' performance, saving time, money, and headaches
  • The means to screen for specific competencies—such as innovation and customer focus—that relate to success on the job
  • Insights that help hiring managers interview and differentiate between candidates
  • Dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor the efficiency of the hiring cycle

The hiring process is typically labor intensive and prone to errors in judgment. SkillSurvey’s tools use validated assessments, the collective input of references, and technology to introduce a new degree of efficiency and precision to the process. Our manufacturing subscribers, who are as varied as Boston Scientific and Raytheon, know that hiring decisions made with the help of SkillSurvey lead to reduced turnover and higher productivity.


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