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Online, Automated Referencing

Credentialing Management

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Free Trial

Pre-Hire 360

See how easy it is to enter a job candidate and hear from their employment references with our free trial.


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Pre-Hire 360 free trial features:
  • Get support from a free trial coach
  • Gain account access for up to 30 days to our candidate feedback report
  • Use for up to 5 job candidates and 5 different job specific surveys

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Pre-Hire 360

Get full access and unlimited use of our job-specific survey library, reports and business intelligence dashboard.


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Pre-Hire 360 unlimited features:
  • Dedicated customer relationship director
  • Access to 350 job specific surveys
  • Reference check an unlimited number of candidates

Credential OnDemand Trial

Sample Peer Reference

Credential OnDemand

See how easy it is to get peer references to respond in just 3 days. Serve as a ‘mock’ peer reference.


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Credential OnDemand sample reference features:
  • You’ll get a request to be a ‘mock’ peer reference
  • Respond using any mobile device and sign virtually with DocuSign®
  • See how quick and easy we’ve made it for practitioners to respond

Credential OnDemand Unlimited Option


Credential OnDemand

Purchase our solution to better manage your credentialing processes and positively impact patients and providers.


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Credential OnDemand unlimited features:
  • Dedicated customer relationship director
  • Access to the features you need to expedite practitioner onboarding
  • Improve the credentialing process for everyone involved

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Pre-Hire 360 offers convenience, efficiency and detailed information, especially in a world where most employment reference feedback has been limited to providing only title, dates of hire and pay rate.”

Ande Kurth

Director of Human Resources, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

“Enabling me to complete and sign this form online has allowed me to provide accurate but nearly immediate response to your credentials reference despite not being near a scanner, printer, or fax machine. Thank you for using the available technology to make this part of my job so much easier.”

Jon Pangia, DO, FACEP

Director of Emergency Medicine, Grand Strand Medical Center

“Candidates have had to broaden their reference base, and that produces more revealing information. There’s no doubt that we’re making better-quality decisions as a result.”

Holly Stanton

Human Resources Director for Global Talent and the Americas, Littelfuse

“We are able to get our practitioners on-board more quickly and the applicants have experienced more streamlined hiring through our organization. Getting our new hires up and running as quickly as possible helps us maintain the level of service that our patients have come to expect.”

Kathleen Barrack

Human Resources, Signature Healthcare

“Pre-Hire 360 solved a lot of issues for our management team. We’re now providing hiring managers with a solution that helps them make better decisions. We can take the data Pre-Hire 360 provides to demonstrate how we are contributing to the university.”

Josh Brown

Talent Acquisition Manager, Clemson University

“We used to count on credentialing taking at least two months, and our staff felt like they spent all of their time sending applications and verification forms. The technology is amazing. It frees our staff from paperwork, and the feedback from the clinicians is even better.”

Terry Bragg

Director of Professional Staff Affairs, McLean Hospital