Pre-Hire 360®

Pre-Hire 360® provides insight into a candidate’s future job performance by offering organizations access to input about their past performance from managers, peers and direct reports.

Founded on 25 years experience in job competency modeling, the web-based system automates the process of receiving feedback from references via job-specific surveys on at least 20 critical behaviors and skills that when analyzed, have shown to correlate with success in a given type of job.

The process is approved by candidates, confirmed when they sign a consent form that releases their references from legal liability. The release and the system then provide a confidential forum for references to offer the candid feedback you need to make a better informed hiring decision.

Phone checks were not worth the time. Now, with the push of a button, there’s a game-changer that gives you more honest feedback than the phone. I was a skeptic at first, because I didn’t believe in reference-checking, and now I’m a big proponent.

Tim Weller

Senior Project Specialist, HR/Talent Acquisition, Boston Scientific

How It Works

A tour of Pre-Hire 360®

More candid reference feedback has changed the way recruiters hire.

They work on the simple but powerful truth that past job performance is the most accurate indicator of future job performance.

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Optimize your candidate selection process

Pre-Hire 360® delivers powerful tools that help you make your online reference checking more strategic, consultative and effective.


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Tools for Hiring Managers

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Integrate with your ATS

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