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Our cloud-based patented HR technology harnesses the power of data to help source, recruit and hire the best people for every role in the organization.

Talent acquisition is tough. Post-hire failure rates are high. SkillSurvey helps you win the talent war by applying data and insight to transform the talent lifecycle from a slow, inefficient process to a streamlined, high-confidence workflow. SkillSurvey solutions address some of the toughest talent lifecycle challenges. Our cloud-based solutions harness the power of data to help source, recruit and hire the best people for every role in the organization.

It’s time to get smarter: using data analytics to eliminate uncertainties, and past performance to predict future job success and automation to streamline hiring verification processes. So you can identify quality hires quickly and efficiently.

Most HR professionals would agree that people are an organization’s greatest assets. Now, they can also be a strategic advantage.

Pre-Hire 360®

It’s a better way to reference check.
Across every industry, our patented online reference checking solution helps you obtain data-driven insights about a candidate’s past performance from managers, peers and direct reports.

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemandTM

Our solution is transforming credentialing by automating and streamlining the application, peer referencing, affiliation verification and privileging processes to ensure faster, easier onboarding.

SkillSurvey SourceTM

Gain reliable, new sources of passive candidates with SkillSurvey Source, a powerful addition to Pre-Hire 360. Tap into a new warm pipeline of high quality candidate leads, boost your talent brand, and decrease your time to fill.

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