SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360® Makes Economic Sense

The money saved and the value gained from using Pre-Hire 360® adds up quickly for a strong Return on Investment (ROI). Consider the value associated with:

Better Quality Hires

Armed with better information, you can make better hiring decisions—decisions that contribute directly to improved productivity and reduced turnover. In one client organization, we found, for instance, that retention improved by 3.5 percent as a result of using Pre-Hire 360®. The cost of having to replace an employee ranges from one times the employee’s salary for non-exempt workers to three times the employee’s salary for managerial and sales positions. At these rates, lowering attrition can contribute tremendous savings in short-order. We’ve also found a statistically significant correlation between improved performance ratings and employees who’ve been hired via the SkillSurvey process. Read how Poudre Valley Health System improved retention rates and performance scores for nurses in this Case Study.

Recruiting Efficiency

Employers are usually able to cut the number of candidates interviewed on the strength of Pre-Hire 360® findings. This translates into savings in travel, lodging, and staff time for candidates who were flagged up front as having serious development needs and therefore not brought in to interview. The automated process saves hours of your recruiters’ time compared to checking references by phone. For a full comparison of the two methods, click here.


The Pre-Hire 360® process is audit-ready, so you can, with the click of a button, defend your hiring decisions and demonstrate your EEOC compliance.







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