SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360® Is A Complete, Action-Ready Package

Our clients enjoy a range of benefits from Pre-Hire 360® because it is:

  • Fully automated. Names are provided, references contacted, information collected, and reports generated, all using the Web in a fully automated process.
  • Scientifically validated.  The survey questions within our comprehensive library have been prepared based on extensive research into the skills and behaviors that are essential to success in specific job families.
  • Comprehensive.  Ratings and verbatim comments on strengths and weaknesses will give you the insights you need to interview and hire with your eyes wide open.
  • Available on-demand.  You can set up assessments and run reports 24 x 7.
  • Linked with a candidate database. References are automatically given the option to join SkillSurvey’s The Q®, so that you can build your database of prospective candidates effortlessly.
  • Synched with various HR systems. SkillSurvey maintains business partnerships with companies such as Taleo and HealthcareSource for a seamless hiring process.
  • Dynamic.  Management dashboard reports allow you to monitor the recruitment process across openings to track progress, pinpoint bottlenecks, and monitor candidate performance.
  • Supported. Your Enterprise subscription includes free technical support, plus automatic upgrades as they become available.


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