Speak the language of references

How do you collect valid feedback from references who are not fluent in the English language? With Pre-Hire 360®, the only multilingual online reference-checking solution.

Communicating with references in a language that they understand is important. After all, if they cannot understand the questions being asked, how are they going to provide you with accurate feedback about a job candidate? Our complete survey library is translated into the five most commonly spoken languages so that candidates and their references fully understand every step of the process. By bridging this communication gap, Pre-Hire 360® provides you with insightful feedback so that you can make better hires.

Pre-Hire 360® is available in five of the most commonly spoken languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • German

The benefits of multilingual online reference-checking:

  • Allows references to respond in their preferred language, ensuring valid and reliable feedback
  • Assists recruiters in hiring employees that reflect the client demographics served
  • Speeds up the reference-checking process
  • Helps to improve your employment brand by customizing the candidate and reference experience
  • Supports company diversity and inclusion requirements
  • Eliminates time zone issues and allows you to reference-check candidates 24/7
  • Aligns with your efforts to remain competitive in today’s global economy
  • Eases global recruitment and hiring


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