See how MorseLife is using Pre-Hire 360® to identify the best candidates





To make a difference in the quality of patient care, start by finding the best caregivers.

MorseLife, a nationally recognized provider of health care, housing, and support services for seniors and their families is poised for growth.

In this video case study, MorseLife’s Chief Human Resources Officer Kris Cooper discusses how he uses SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360 cloud-based, data-driven reference solution to find the nurses, therapists, and clinicians who deliver its award-winning services.

Today Kris’s hiring managers have the tools they need to identify “right-fit” candidates.

Committed caregivers are happier than ever.

About MorseLife

Founded 30 years ago, MorseLife is a premier provider of health care and housing services for seniors in Palm Beach County. MorseLife touches the lives of 2,200 seniors every day and is committed to providing exceptional care to the community’s senior population.



Hiring strong performers to deliver improved patient outcomes


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