Finding the Purple Squirrel Infographic

The State of Sourcing Today

Looking for your next purple squirrel?

Ask any recruiter and they’ll probably tell you how challenging it can be to find the perfect candidates for their clients. Whether it’s due to the changing demographics of the workforce, the prevalence of social media, or the skills shortage in certain industries, one thing is certain: how recruiting is done has changed.
Fiinding the Purple Squirrel

Check out our new infographic on the state of sourcing today. In it we explore how the staffing and recruiting industry sources top talent in this ever-changing recruiting environment.

Plus, be sure to scroll to the end of the infographic to discover an innovative approach that can help you more easily and quickly source candidates, including for hard-to-fill or niche positions.

Download this infographic instantly to learn more: Finding the Purple Squirrel: The State of Sourcing Today.