Hiring in the Energy Industry Can be a Herculean Task

Improve recruiting and find candidates committed to workplace safety

Hiring managers and HR professionals need to develop a quality workforce that is ready to lead and foster a culture of safety at all levels of an organization. Yet talent managers face serious challenges related to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. Additionally, they must contend with challenges like the Great Crew Change, staffing shortages, and the need to fill positions yesterday. It’s enough to make even seasoned HR professionals scratch their heads.

Safety Conscious Hiring WhitepaperLearn how new research into job competencies and behaviors is helping energy companies quickly easily identify candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to workplace safety. And, learn the questions to ask when comparing pre-hire reference solutions.

Discover how you can:

  • Identify candidates with strong leadership skills for future organizational growth
  • Cultivate a passive candidate database to help put top talent at your fingertips for future sourcing needs
  • Reduce hiring costs by improving recruiting efficiencies
  • Lower both voluntary and involuntary turnover

Ensure the staff you’re bringing on board will successfully contribute to the overall safety of your people and projects. Learn how in our new whitepaper: Reducing Staffing and Project-Related Risk through Safety Conscious Hiring for the Energy Industry.