Reducing turnover in retail, restaurants and hospitality

In retail, restaurants and hospitality, the people you hire are your brand. They serve your customers and are the human face of your business. They are the single-most important determinant of your success.

That’s why it’s crucial that you get your hiring decisions right – so that your people represent you well and your customers come back.

The search for great service

Turnover plagues retail, restaurants and hospitality. The very people who carry your brand to your customers are getting harder and harder to find and keep.

To reverse this trend, our clients use Pre-Hire 360®, our predictive hiring solution, to measure their candidates’ past job performance and to predict their future performance.

By analyzing how a candidate’s references assess their past performance in job-specific surveys, our clients measure the exact behaviors and skill sets they’re looking for – the critical skills that matter most.

Not only do they scientifically assess five references in less than two working days, they also find the people that suit their brand best, thus reducing turnover by as much as 69%.

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