SkillSurvey Leverages Scientific Methodologies To Improve Quality Of Hire

SkillSurvey offers all users access to an extensive survey library with behaviorally-based questions designed specifically for job families. The library includes a full range of job levels and a combination of general and industry-specific positions. We realize however, that you may have unique requirements. Therefore, we offer the ability to customize our technology and survey tools. Through our Professional Services team led by Dr. Cynthia Hedricks, SkillSurvey can create custom surveys exclusively for your organization.

What sets SkillSurvey apart from the competition is our reliance on Industrial/Organizational Psychology principles to guide the survey development process. The result is assessment surveys that are predictive of future performance and retention. We go far beyond just automating the reference checking process to create assessment tools that improve quality of hire.

Whether you'd like a custom survey, or simply want to brand the SkillSurvey application, our Professional Services team offers you their extensive experience to fine tune the technology for your needs. This service can be leveraged at the time an order is placed or at any point in the future.


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