Turbocharged staffing

As an industry, staffing just can’t stop growing. Unfortunately, the talent pool of skilled candidates that staffing firms are fighting over isn’t growing at the same pace. In fact, the more staffing firms there are, the harder it is to find great candidates and put them in the right roles.

This means that recruiters don’t have the time to reference check every candidate by phone. They’d rather be interviewing candidates, managing accounts and developing new business.

Pressed for time

Our predictive hiring tool Pre-Hire 360® allows recruiters to assess as many as 5 references in less than 2 working days.

More importantly, with hundreds of scientifically validated job-specific surveys for 23 different job families, Pre-Hire 360® analyzes a candidate’s past job performance to predict their future job performance.

This means greater long-term performance and a reduction in turnover as high as 3.5%. And the candidates’ references get to join your talent network via our private invite-only sourcing solution The Q®.

If a new job ever needs to be filled, you and your clients will have access to thousands of warm prospective leads with an established connection.

And when your clients renew (and believe us, they will, 95% of ours do), you’ll be free to focus on the things your competitors won’t get to do, fill more jobs.

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