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How to rise above the competition and become a better partner

It’s a competitive market out there. Sourcing candidates is getting harder, yet your clients want to move faster in identifying qualified candidates. They want to reduce time-to-hire. And they want consistent service, wherever, whenever they choose. They’re seeking a recruiting partner who can guide them through the entire hiring lifecycle – and someone who can make it a more efficient, more cost-effective process.

Imagine how your business would change if you could identify better quality candidates faster…more accurately…more consistently. Online reference checking can help you do just this – and help you give your clients what they need: a true business partner who can give them better candidates, faster.

Let’s take a quick look at five ways online reference checking can help you become more successful.

1. Increase recruiting efficiencies and speed time-to-fill

With online reference checking solutions, like SkillSurvey ReferenceTM , you can take advantage of smart technologies that focus on the soft skills and behavioral competencies that indicate success in future roles. You’ll be able to gain faster responses (often in less than two days) from an average of 4 references per candidate (50% of which are current or former managers).

In staffing and recruiting, as in many sectors, the ‘first mover’ principle holds true. Clients are receptive to advances in technology and analytics, and understand they can combine speed and efficiency with quality. That makes them more inclined to partner with firms who can make this a reality, and help them improve their brand and metrics. So online reference checking can be an important competitive differentiator in your suite of total client solutions, as well as a uniquely-tailored value-add.

2. Become a more strategic business partner

With online reference checking you’re not just getting the one-dimensional view of candidates that other organizations see. You’re gaining data-driven insights. As well as being used to identify the most promising candidates, they can also be employed as a coaching tool to help your candidates better prepare for their interviews, or to help your clients tailor their on-boarding or training programs for each new hire.

3. Quickly build a strong candidate pipeline

Speed and insight are crucial factors in differentiating your offering. One practical step to increase your appeal to clients is to anticipate future needs. Sourcing solutions, like SkillSurvey SourceTM can help you find and manage passive candidates from references and referrals. And since candidates typically list references from within the same industry, chances are you’ll get more contacts in that industry, more quickly. Having top talent at your fingertips helps you reduce time-to-fill. And that’s a metric well-understood and appreciated in the HR world.

4. Enhance your brand

Your brand is probably your most under-appreciated asset. But every time you deliver exactly what your clients need, your brand benefits, growing in stature and relevance. Adopting new technologies, like online reference checking, sends a clear and positive signal to clients and prospects that says you’re a forward-thinking company. In a recruiting environment where talent analytics are quickly gaining traction, that can be a game-changer. And a real brand-builder. Plus, these solutions allow you to add your branding – helping you get your name in front of more prospective clients.

5. Champion diversity

Today, organizations can’t afford to speak in a narrow voice to a limited audience. To remain competitive, even local companies are embracing a global perspective. That can be tough when high expectations aren’t matched by abundant resources. You can help by introducing hard-pressed HR professionals to fresh ways of working – employing techniques that are proven to deliver greater success. And you can make their life easier in other ways too. When it comes to meeting EEOC statutes and guidelines, SkillSurvey’s reference surveys support compliance. One less thing for your clients to worry about – and one more reason why they’re right to partner with you.

See how SkillSurvey Reference measures up. Take a tour of the solution to learn more about how the process works.

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