It’s hard to read a business or professional publication, and not see the term “data-driven” in front of every process, including hiring. But what does “data-driven hiring” really mean? The movie “Moneyball” showed how recruiting with an algorithm works for baseball.

But, batting averages are a lot different than the critical ‘soft’ skills that employees need for success. We all know there’s a human factor to hiring talent. So how do you apply a data-driven process to recruiting? To start, it might help to consider these 6 data points:

  • Can you advise hiring managers on what qualities to look for in a top performer for a given job?
  • Can you identify the impact of hiring errors, and what factors are likely to lead to errors?
  • Can you show how your approach to hiring provides competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • Can you show that your efforts relate to better on-the-job performance of new hires?
  • Can you demonstrate the dollar impact of your recruiting methods or solutions?
  • Can you demonstrate a growing passive talent pipeline?

Delivering stats such as these will make you an all-star recruiter within your organization with the potential to move up to major leagues.  Take our data-driven hiring quiz to see how you stack up. Or, to learn more, read our ebook: Data-Driven Hiring: the Secret of Successful Recruitment.

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