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Thanks to the continued success of our products, we regularly get recognition from top industry journals and national news outlets. Read our recent announcements and some of the nice things being said about our approach here.

Let’s Uncheck All The Boxes

You won’t often find a policy question where conservative and liberal legislators are in agreement. But here’s one: the debate over “Ban the Box” which would make it illegal to ask about criminal convictions on job applications. CEO Ray Bixler discusses this debate and why hiring organizations need to take a broader and more thoughtful view of job candidates in his ERE blog post.

Chief Learning Officer: Millennials Have Soft Skills

CEO Ray Bixler shares SkillSurvey research with Chief Learning Officer, stating that “learning leaders’ workload might be lightened a bit, thanks to research that shows Gen Y isn’t entirely soft skill incompetent.

HRO Today: Reference Checking Adds More Value Than Ever

HRO Today’s Debbie Bolla writes “One of the true values of HR technology is when a solution can transform a once tedious practice into an efficient, automated one that actually benefits the hiring process.”

SkillSurvey Accelerates ATS Integrations

SkillSurvey announced that its flagship Pre-Hire 360 reference-checking solution has now been integrated with ten leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to allow recruiters to easily deploy Pre-Hire 360 reference checks as part of their applicant management process.

Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset

As competition for top talent gets more and more fierce, staffing and recruiting firms, including Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPOs), contingency and temp-based services, niche-focused recruiters, and executive search firms—need to act more quickly than ever before to find talent, reduce time-to-fill, and stand out.

28,700 Bosses Share Tips On Putting Millennials To Work

George Anders shares SkillSurvey research in his Forbes column to help answer the question – What should you know before loading up your workforce with today’s young adults — commonly known as millennials?