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Thanks to the continued success of our products, we regularly get recognition from top industry journals and national news outlets. Read our recent announcements and some of the nice things being said about our approach here.

SkillSurvey Smooths the Hiring Process

Inquirer Staff Writer Jane M. Von Bergen digs deep into the value of online reference checking by speaking directly to one of SkillSurvey’s clients.

SkillSurvey to Present Research on Contingent Workers at NAHCR

SkillSurvey will be delivering a research presentation focused on how to improve the engagement and retention of contingent workers at the National Association for Health Care Recruitment’s IMAGE 2014 Conference being held in Orlando, Florida on July 22-25, 2014.

University of Colorado Rolls Out SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360

University of Colorado will implement Pre-Hire 360 to conduct reference assessments on job candidates earlier in its hiring process. “With Pre-Hire 360, we’re getting a much more complete picture of our job candidates’ strengths and weaknesses through candid feedback from their references,” said Lisa Landis, Assistant VP, Employee Services, University of Colorado,

Automated reference checking software slashes turnaround time

Too often, slow-moving reference checking stops the hiring process in its tracks. Notre Dame Credit Union found a fast and reliable solution to manual reference checking. Discover how they cut more than 3 days of reference checking turnaround time in this TechTarget article.

The Power to Predict

In his new column for HRO Today, SkillSurvey’s CEO Ray Bixler discusses what pre-hire tools are available to companies looking to make the right hire, the first time.

Entry Level Job Seekers — Here’s How to Stand Out from the Crowd

More than 1.6 million students will be graduating from college this year and many will soon be searching for their first post-college jobs. The input that prospective employers receive from a candidate’s references – even for entry level positions – can make the difference between a job offer and a rejection.

SkillSurvey Receives US Patent Office Notice of Allowance for Pre-Hire 360

SkillSurvey received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for its “Pre-Hire 360” patent application. “This U.S. patent allowance cements intellectual property protection for SkillSurvey’s scientific method of assessing candidates based on input from their references and benchmarking their results against thousands of other job-seekers who have applied for the same or similar positions,” SkillSurvey CEO Ray Bixler commented.

SkillSurvey Observes Growing Increase of Its Multilingual Assessments

SkillSurvey announced a marked increase in the global deployment of its candidate reference surveys with a growing number completed in languages other than English. Thousands of job references are now responding to behaviorally-based surveys in one of five available non-English languages: Spanish, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese (listed in order of prevalence).

SkillSurvey Builds Momentum with The Q

SkillSurvey announced that applicants have applied for thousands of job openings in Passive Candidate Sourcing, formerly known as The Q, which uniquely taps an applicant’s job references as potential job candidates themselves, launched less than one year ago.