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Research shows references are more likely to want to work again with job candidates with higher ratings on competencies related to working remotely

Berwyn, PA– September 15, 2020 – Today, SkillSurvey, the leading provider of cloud-based reference-checking, sourcing and post-hire solutions announced that it has made it easier for employers to evaluate a job candidate’s ability to work remotely. A new section highlighting this competency is now available on candidate reports within SkillSurvey Reference®

“SkillSurvey helps employers make faster and better hiring decisions with online reference checks that provide insights on the behavioral competencies that today’s jobs demand, including those that relate to working remotely,” said Ray Bixler, President and CEO of SkillSurvey. “Current hiring realities require organizations to seek out more ways to assess their candidates. Feedback from references provided through our scientifically developed surveys can help organizations obtain powerful insights more rapidly.”

Remote work has been growing for some time, but the pandemic has accelerated its adoption. LinkedIn data shows that remote job listings have nearly tripled since March. Many employers plan to continue allowing workers to work remotely even after the pandemic. A Gartner survey found that 82% of leaders planned to allow some form of remote working, going forward.

SkillSurvey’s Analytics Team conducted research on a sample of 40,871 job candidates across a diverse range of industries, job families and job levels. Results were that candidates with higher ratings on behaviors related to the ability to work remotely had references who were more likely to work with them again in the future.

“Employers are relying on greater numbers of their employees working remotely, without direct, in-person supervision.  That means that they want to hire individuals who are dependable, who are able to manage their time, who take the initiative to solve problems, and who can effectively communicate in order to maintain work relationships,” said Cynthia Hedricks, PhD, SkillSurvey’s Chief Analytics Officer. “Candidate’s references who have observed them in the past are the best source of feedback on these specific behaviors.”

Nearly 25,000 recruiters use SkillSurvey Reference to manage their reference checking process and get feedback in under two days from 4+ references. The solution reduces bias that can occur throughout traditional hiring steps and replaces it with a consistent, compliant process that provides deep insights and data-driven reports.

It takes just several minutes for a recruiter to enter a candidate’s information and select a job specific survey. After candidates enter their references, the solution then reaches out to the references with a link to complete the surveys and provides alerts and notifications throughout the process. At least 85% of references who receive SkillSurvey Reference® online surveys complete them, and references can access surveys 24/7 on any device via a link in an email (or via text message).

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