In a recent article on HROToday, SkillSurvey president and CEO, Ray Bixler gave his thoughts on what it is that makes pre-hire assessments stand above other hiring solutions.

Pre-hire performance assessments completed by a candidate’s managers, colleagues, and direct reports can offer candid, honest insight from others who have managed, worked with, or reported to the candidate.

Questions that are based on specific behaviors necessary for a specific job or role that are rated by a mix of the candidate’s managers, co-workers, and direct reports, yield tremendous insight. For example:

  • Teamwork/collaboration. Does the person maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others?
  • Self-control. Does the person behave appropriately, even in difficult situations?
  • Integrity. Does the person treat colleagues with fairness and respect? 
A recent study by SkillSurvey, published in The International Journal of Selection and Assessment, examined the correlation between pre-hire performance assessment scores and actual performance on the new job.

A study that tracked 10,217 employees at 11 companies across four industries found that the number of employees terminated for cause decreased by 69 percent between year one and year two after they incorporated pre- hire references the hiring process.

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