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Pre-Hire 360® Provides a Detailed Reference Assessment on a Candidate’s Past Performance
Wayne, PA – June 23, 2014 – SkillSurvey, Inc. the inventor of Pre-Hire 360®, which recently received a U.S. Patent, today announced it is partnering with FRS®, the background screening industry’s most widely used technology, to offer the Pre-Hire 360® reference assessment solution to FRS clients.

“Let’s face it, people from all walks of life are busy and getting busier,” said Sam McLamb, Vice President – Business Operations at FRS. “We have to be extremely cognizant of actual ‘telephone time’ in everything we do. The amount of energy expended and follow-up it takes to get a personal or professional reference on the telephone these days produces diminishing returns. Add the fact that the onus to obtain these references is on our HR organizations or an outsource partner and it plainly spells inefficiency and increased cost of the hire. SkillSurvey has not only removed the largest burden from HR by using automation which is driven by the candidate, it also adds an assessment dimension which helps determine the quality of the reference obtained. We are excited that our clients have the ability to offer this product to their existing and prospective clients.”

“References rarely provide any meaningful feedback in a phone call. With Pre-Hire 360® FRS clients will be able to obtain job-specific insights on a candidate’s past performance through an online process that takes just a few days. SkillSurvey provides valuable data to help clients improve hiring decisions and onboarding through previous manager and peer insights,” said Rob Bennett, SkillSurvey’s Vice President of Channel Sales.

SkillSurvey collects job-specific insights from a candidates’ references and provides human resources and recruiting professionals with valuable intelligence for making better hiring decisions – usually in less than 48 hours. Skill Survey’s technology benchmarks assessment results against thousands of other job- seekers who have applied for the same or similar positions. It has been scientifically proven to help reduce turnover and predict candidate post-hire success.