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Healthcare hiring and credentialing made easy.

Great patient care takes more than medical knowledge and expertise.

You need people who can handle tough, unpredictable environments on a daily basis. You need communicators. You need empathizers. You need a whole bunch of soft skills that can’t be found in resumes CVs or cover letters.

That’s why it pays to go a level higher. By taking a holistic, digital approach to reference checking and credentialing, you’ll get access to deeper candidate insights, and be able to hire based on soft skills and honest references – all while saving tons of staff time.

Scroll down to see why more than 800 leading healthcare organizations work with us in taking a holistic, digital approach to finding talent.

See online reference checking in action:

discover exceptional care providers

Discover exceptional care providers

With access to our huge online survey library, you’ll be able to ask smarter questions, and get feedback from references on the skills that really matter. As a result, you’ll be able to build a truly patient-centric workforce.

See how our clients rank at the top of HCAHPs scores

Enhance your compliance culture

Patient safety is paramount. And compliance extends to HIPAA concerns, data security and financial risk management. That’s a lot to control for. But we’ll ensure every person you bring onto the team upholds the highest standards required for working in a healthcare environment. Our reference checks and credentialing processes support EEOC compliance, and help you eliminate bias within the team.

See how pre-hire assessments help reduce bias for a more diverse workplace

enhance your compliance

cut through credentialing delays

Cut through credentialing delays

Digital peer referencing brings you complete responses within days. And once you’ve found the talent you need, automated credentialing tools will help your teams bring them on board faster.

See more benefits of online credentialing

Video: See how healthcare organizations are hiring physicians faster

Hire people who stick around

Our solutions have been instrumental in reference checking more than 30 million job candidates and have helped our healthcare clients achieve an average first-year turnover reduction of 35%. Enough said.

See how reference feedback helps predict RN turnover

hire peopel who stick

grow your talent

Grow your talent pipeline

When you add SkillSurvey Source you’ll get access to tools that put your brand front and center, so you’re heaps more effective in inviting potential candidates to join your healthcare talent pool – and better at keeping them engaged.

Integrate seamlessly with HR

Make it easy for your references to respond to a reference-checking survey wherever they are, on any device, on their terms – even over text. And boost compliance by seamlessly integrating reference checking with your existing ATS or CRM. You can even integrate your recruiting and credentialing processes to avoid multiple requests going to the same references.

Learn more about the benefits of integrated reference checking

integrate seamlessly with HR

SkillSurvey Reference®

Automated, cloud-based referencing that tells you what you need to know

Who we help – and how

Healthcare leaders and compliance teams

We’ll help you achieve more efficient and streamlined processes.

Talent Acquisition

We’ll ensure you spend less time chasing references, get faster, more meaningful data on candidates, and grow a healthy candidate pipeline.

Medical Staff Services teams

We’ll help you move your paper-laden processes online, for automatic updates and faster peer-reference responses.

Physician Recruiters

We’ll enable speedier onboarding, and make sure you experience fewer paperwork delays on the great hires you recruit.

Healthcare Staffing Organizations

We’ll help you deliver more value to your clients, with faster data and reports, and a new source for building up your talent pipeline.

Physicians (both applicants and your peers)

We’ll help you achieve a fast, responsive, paperless and hassle-free experience.

Department heads and Credentialing Committees

We’ll help you get more visibility over credentialing statuses, faster digital responses, and more efficient approval methods.

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand®

Eliminate the peer referencing bottleneck and start receiving complete, legible feedback in less than three days.

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