Healthcare’s Hidden Heroes

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With patient care at the center of every hospital and healthcare organization, one thing reigns true: healthcare facilities are only as good as their caregivers and the care they provide. It’s safe to assume that healthcare organizations hope to hire and onboard only the most highly-qualified practitioners.

Not every practicing medical professional is fit to treat patients, whether they have a history of malpractice, criminal background, substance abuse, or did not receive the proper licensure and certification. Hardworking medical services professionals (MSPs) ensure quality care providers are granted privileges to treat patients and join medical staffs, and identify those who have the potential to cause harm.

Amazingly MSPs don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. This week, we’re acknowledging healthcare’s hidden heroes – the medical services professionals responsible for credentialing and recredentialing the practitioners who provide medical treatment to us and our loved ones.

Arming MSPs with a Secret Weapon

Credentialing is a critical process, though it is notoriously long and arduous for facilities and their prospective providers. Applicants dread it and administrators tend to expect turnaround times that seem impossible to deliver.

A 2016 survey distributed to National Association of Medical Staff Services members found that 67% of credentialing processes take 5-6 weeks to privilege a single practitioner, sometimes even longer.

During a SkillSurvey panel discussion held at the NAMSS 40th Annual Education Conference, Patty Camp, Manager of the Central Credentials Resource Department of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Kansas City, MO, remarked delays make it difficult to onboard providers quickly while remaining compliant, especially when the Chief Medical Officer needs to fill a vacancy immediately and expects that newly recruited cardiologist to start seeing patients “tomorrow.”

We’re able to tell our CMO with more certainty that a candidate will be ready for the next credentials committee meeting. This is helping us get a new doctor credentialed more quickly and avoid staff vacancies.

Terry Bragg

Director, Professional Staff Affairs, McLean Hospital

SkillSurvey is reducing common delays and bottlenecks for credentialing offices, so MSPs can confidently turnaround applicant files in a fraction of the time.

How? By bringing the process entirely online, in a user-friendly, paperless process that simplifies and speeds credentialing for everyone involved. Credentialers manage the process from anywhere, at any time and responders provide feedback immediately from any mobile device, so now teams like Patty Camp’s at St. Luke’s are receiving peer references in 3 days rather than 8 weeks!

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand is quickly becoming a secret weapon. We’ve helped slash turnaround times, enhance applicant experience, boost revenue and beat out competition for top medical talent.

We’re proud to have worked with so many MSPs to transform the way their facilities credential practitioners, and make their jobs easier. Medical services professionals often work day in and day out and more often hear complaints about delays far more often than thanks for a job well done. So, this week, we’re thanking healthcare’s hidden heroes, the gatekeepers of patient safety.

Check out more information on SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand and how it works here!

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand has taken the stress out of obtaining peer references for our office. Not only is the process automated but it has significantly improved our turnaround time. Needless to say, the faster turnaround time makes everyone happy.

Stephanie Laughlin

Medical Staff Coordinator, Blessing Hospital

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand has been instrumental in improving our turnaround times for processing new medical staff applications. We have increased our new practitioner satisfaction scores and decreased the number of days to process medical staff applications. It’s easy to use for both, the credentialing personnel and the references completing the evaluation.

Stacy L. Morgan

Credentialing Specialist, Bayhealth Medical Center, Inc

Thanks to Credential OnDemand, we were able to greatly reduce the time it takes to credential an entirely new hospitalist group. It’s a life saver!

Audrey Lewis

Director, Medical Staff Services , Orange Regional Medical Center

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