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Raising accountability in higher education

Policymakers, parents, and students have increasingly high expectations of higher education. This means HR organizations have a huge challenge ahead of them if they’re to source, develop and retain quality talent that is willing to be accountable for all of these expectations. And if institutions are to excel in the delivery of educational programming, they need to develop a process that can help them identify candidates who have what it takes to succeed in this world.

Rising to the challenge

SkillSurvey ReferenceTM helps our clients understand the critical skills that predict success in a whole range of higher education jobs. By analyzing how references rate a candidate’s past job performance, and by utilizing all of the data our system receives, our higher education clients are able to predict their candidate’s future job performance.

Our scientifically-validated, behavior-based surveys take the guesswork out of hiring. They allow your candidate’s references to objectively rate the skills that matter most. The survey questions vary by job but might include things like:

  • Does the candidate build and maintain positive and constructive working relationships with others at the institution (e.g., department chairs, administrative staff)?
  • Do they treat students, co-workers, staff, and others of different backgrounds, beliefs, and gender with fairness, respect, and sensitivity?
  • Do they approach the job with confidence and a positive attitude (e.g., respond to setbacks in a helpful and constructive manner)?

And because no two jobs are ever alike, we’ve created hundreds of job-specific surveys for 23 different job families.

This helps our clients ask the questions that matter most as they learn more about their candidate, and third party references can help them answer their questions objectively and honestly. Our online system consistently reduces reference checking time from 2 weeks to less than 2 days.

It’s how universities like Clemson University and University of Colorado Colorado Springs find the right people. And it’ll work for you too.

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