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Presentations will Highlight Best Practices in Identifying a Candidate’s Soft Skills, Social Recruiting and Passive Candidate Sourcing

Wayne, PA – September 14, 2015 – SkillSurvey®, the leading provider of online reference solutions that address critical points in the talent lifecycle, today announced that it is going back to school this fall with our Hiring Experts Series focusing on hiring in higher education at upcoming CUPA-HR conferences. Joshua Brown, Talent Acquisition Manager, Clemson University will share strategies on soft skills, new social recruiting strategies and passive candidate sourcing.

Attendees will learn the latest information about talent acquisition technologies and processes that can save their institutions time and money. Clemson is obtaining compelling behavioral insights about the candidates it is considering which help it make more informed hiring decisions. “Soft skills” – such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, and adapt to new situations – can greatly impact a new employee’s success or failure.

Clemson is also improving its hiring processes to ensure selection committees are interviewing the best candidates and that interviews throughout the institution are conducted in a consistent, compliant manner. Finally, Josh will share innovative strategies he is using to grow a passive candidate database using social media and Clemson’s reference pool.

The presentations include:

CUPA-HR South Carolina Conference, Charleston, SC Monday, Sept. 14, “Using Technology and Social Media to Shape the Future of Hiring”

CUPA-HR Annual Conference, Orlando, FL Monday, Sept. 29, “Higher Education Hiring: Why Soft Skills Matter” Tuesday, Sept. 30, “Using Technology and Social Networking to Assess and Source Candidates”

More information can be found in Clemson University’s hiring case study.

The SkillSurvey Expert Series includes client industry presentations, webinars, coffee breaks, podcasts, videos and case studies featuring SkillSurvey customers discussing how they are innovating to build more successful organizations. SkillSurvey’s goal is to provide a forum for expert advice and insight, with an emphasis on the topics that are most relevant to today’s talent acquisition leaders

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