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It’s no wonder that U.S. businesses are concerned about safety. Workplace accidents and injuries cost U.S. businesses $170 billion each year. Worse, some 4,500 Americans die each year just doing their jobs.

But when it comes to workplace safety, most of the attention is on post-hire programs with a focus on employee education & training – things that are outside the recruiter’s focus.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And one of the biggest preventative measures that organizations that can take is to hire safety-minded candidates – those who have safe working habits ingrained in their DNA. But how do you know whether a job applicant will use tools properly or be a leader by communicating proper safety information to teams?

The answer lies in knowing how well job candidates performed in the past. And the best way to find out this answer is to ask the people who have worked with the candidate – his or her peers or managers.

Questions that can illuminate a candidate’s soft skills, and reveal those who are so health and safety minded.

Questions like:

  • Does the candidate always wear safety gear and take precautions, or is he/she careless?
  • Does a candidate always communicate safety information to staff and team-members?

By asking questions like these, recruiters can play a bigger role than they think in fostering a safety culture within their organization. See how it works in this video.

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