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Industry Solutions


That’s because our system is tailor-made for individual industries and jobs. We know that each industry has unique needs – whether it is battling talent shortages due to an aging workforce, hiring a growing contingent workforce, finding candidates to fill leadership roles, or simply finding ways to collect valuable reference feedback faster.

Our cloud-based, patented system harnesses the power of data to help source, recruit, and hire the best people for every role in the organization. In fact, we’ve created more than 400 job-specific surveys for more than 23 job families. This allows our clients to survey a candidate’s references based on the specific soft skills that are most important for the position. And since our surveys are scientifically created to receive references’ ratings on behaviors, values and competencies that matter most, when utilized they can be extremely accurate in predicting how a candidate will perform.

When past managers and colleagues can objectively and honestly rate someone’s performance, they make sure our clients have the best possible insights into the people they’re considering.


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Access to 580,000 engineers

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Managing diversity

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Sourcing skilled candidates

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