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Technology is revolutionizing higher education. And the kinds of technologies your campus needs to stay ahead of the curve are proliferating. IT isn’t just supporting the back office; today technology is integral to every facet of the education enterprise—analytics, recruiting, student success, teaching, research, and more.

Technology has become a competitive differentiator, helping institutions drive innovation and deliver better experiences to students, faculty, and staff, as well as to an extended community that, today, can reach beyond national borders. Globally, spending on technology in higher education is expected to exceed $38 billion in 2016, an indication that technology is recognized as fundamental to higher education’s future.

And while it’s an exciting time to be a CIO in higher education, the challenges are real. While global technology spending might be on the rise, budgets at home are still tight and competition for IT talent remains fierce. Without the technology talent you need, it will be more difficult to put a mobile strategy in place, or deliver the analytics administrators need to improve recruiting and outreach, or create innovative learning spaces that can improve student success.

In short, without the right people at your institution, its future could be at risk.

That’s likely why EDUCAUSE identified workforce hiring and retention as a top priority for CIOs in this year’s Top Ten IT Issues study. And there is cause for concern. The same study reported that an estimated one in five IT professionals are likely to leave their institution in the next year. How then, can you make sure your institution wins the war for the IT talent it needs to differentiate itself?

There are lots of ways to tackle this question. You might be thinking about ways to hire more strategically to staff special projects. Or identifying candidates who are the right cultural fit for your institution. Or, even identifying ways to achieve more diversity within your team.

Institutions must invest in the most important IT asset there is… the IT workforce. Whatever your hiring strategy is, make sure it’s driven by data. SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360® is a cloud-based solution that utilizes a unique combination of behavioral science and talent analytics to secure feedback from your candidates’ references. That data provides compelling behavioral insights that can help you hire candidates who perform better, stay longer, and, perhaps most important, share your belief in the mission of your institution.

Because winning the war for IT talent isn’t about bigger salaries. It’s about staffing with purpose, insight, and clarity.

Want to learn more? Download our eBook, Winning the Tech Talent War with Data-Driven Hiring.

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