Bringing in game-changing HR solutions is as challenging as ever. HR is one of – if not the most important – contributors to overall business success, especially when it comes to recruiting new talent. Yet, a recent study by KPMG advises that too often “HR risks losing boardroom credibility as its ‘rear view mirror’ approach to analytics fails to provide useful business insight.”

Another recent article published on – If Martian Executives Visited Recruiting What Would They Find Missing? – outlined 15 business process elements that recruiters tend to ignore. Some of these include:

– Using data to improve recruiting
– Quantifying HR’s business impact in dollars
– Calculating hidden consequences of cost-cutting
– Articulating a comprehensive recruiting strategy
– Creating a talent pipeline or talent pool capability

Bottom line, if you want to build the business case for new HR technology or programs to get more prominent seat at the leadership table, you have to show each solution’s strategic value, how these programs and technologies are going to move the needle for your company, and how they will directly drive the business forward.

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