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The past year was a tough one for recruiters in search of new candidates to fill the 7 million open positions in the U.S. With unemployment reaching a 49-year low – down to 3.7 percent, and even lower in some metro areas, recruiters had to work hard and find new ways to reach potential talent. Staying ahead of the game also required ingenuity and new tools to simplify hiring processes and keep those precious job candidates engaged and moving through the recruiting funnel.

In 2018, SkillSurvey set new records of our own that helped our customers quickly get the insights they needed on more candidates than ever to make faster, more informed hiring decisions. We also continued to bring our customers new enhancements to connect with candidates and references via text message (SMS) and more robust sourcing to find new passive candidates. Here’s a look at our year in numbers.

Heavy hiring volume sets online reference checking records

Employers entered 1.3 million job candidates for reference checks with SkillSurvey Reference®
job references entered
Top job roles entered for reference checks:
  1. Healthcare Practitioners, Support, and Technical
  2. General Hourly
  3. Administrative and Office Support
  4. General Professional
  5. Customer Service
  6. Managerial
  7. Hospitality
  8. Sales
  9. Executive Leadership
  10. Information Technology
  11. Finance
  12. Education, Training, Coaching, and Library
  13. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  14. Operations
  15. R&D
Job candidates submitted 5.5 million references to provide feedback about their job performance and 4.4 million of them provided feedback by completing a survey. That’s a ton of data points! To get a peek at what kind of insights you get in a reference feedback report, check out our hiring tools page.
job references

Embracing digital with reference checks

SkillSurvey has continued to experience growing mobile use of our solutions both by candidates and job references. Mid-year, we debuted our new SMS/texting capabilities. It goes hand -in-hand with our configurable workflow options that are now available. Texting for reference checks is taking off, especially for workforce segments that do not rely on desktop computer usage such as retail, restaurants, many roles in healthcare and other hourly jobs.

431,053 References were reached via text message and we expect this number to continue climbing.

candidates reached by text

We recently added a host of new recruitment marketing tools to SkillSurvey Source to help recruiters keep those talent leads warm and engaged. New capabilities include some of the latest candidate nurturing tools like creation of automatic email drip campaigns and customizable email templates. You can read more in this recruitment marketing blog post.

Other product highlights

More integrations to automate reference checks

More than 250 clients have integrated SkillSurvey solutions with their ATS or CRM to further streamline and automated the reference checking process. SkillSurvey added 8 new partners in 2018 bringing our active integration partnerships to number more than 30. The integration team has plans in 2019 to continue to expand the integration opportunities with our solutions.

Expanded survey library to gain the right insights

The analytics team rolled out an additional 30 surveys to the SkillSurvey Reference survey library in 2019. Our survey library has hundreds of job specific surveys available that allow employers to get relevant feedback on the soft skills that are critical for success in that job role. Just a few of the job titles added this year include: Chief Marketing Officer, Direct Care Staff Supervisor, Driver Supervisor, Chief Nursing Officer, Data Scientist, Document Control Specialist, Quality Assurance Manager, Telemedicine Physician, and VP of Operations.

Total solution for staffing

SkillSurvey launched a new total reference checking solution exclusively for staffing and talent management firms to provide them with more options to manage their reference checking process. Among the new options available for staffing and talent management firms: managing references on behalf of a candidate, flexible workflows to tailor the reference check process and the new texting features.

Addressing the Skills Gap with the Career Readiness Project

In addition to the new surveys announced above, the SkillSurvey Analytics team also launched 17 new surveys for colleges and universities to help obtain feedback on students’ career readiness following their internships or other work experience. Whether the student is a future engineer, teacher or marketer, this new program will help higher education institutions and the students themselves understand if they’ve obtained the skills to achieve workplace success. Learn more at The Career Readiness Project.

Enhance your recruiting toolbox in 2019

See how you can leverage online reference checking and new sourcing tools to get reliable, data-driven insights in less time with a process that provides a great candidate and reference experience! Learn more today.

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