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It can be challenging finding and keeping your passive candidate database warm — and not just because of the low unemployment rate and growing skills shortage (A Korn-Ferry study earlier this year estimated that the financial and business services sector alone face a potential deficit of 10.7 million workers globally by 2030, which means a potential loss of $1.3 trillion in annual revenues.) Figuring out how to identify and then market effectively to potential applicants is another hurdle. That’s why new recruitment marketing strategies are essential. Successful recruiters are maximizing many of the latest marketing automation techniques and this blog shares some of these top tips.

Make it easy for job candidates to express interest and join your talent pool

It’s important to understand who your ideal hires are both now and down the road. Your current job applicants’ references as well as employee referrals are great sources of potential new candidates. According to a 2015 iCIMS study, 88% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources for quality hires. When you share news or postings, make it easy for potential applicants to show interest within your company’s career site, social media, social professional networks (like LinkedIn), and other avenues with simple, clickable opt-in links.

Consider new channels to find new candidates

Lever’s Recruiting Benchmark Report notes that, when approached about a new career opportunity, 90% of people currently in jobs are willing to at least have a conversation with a recruiter to learn more. Indeed’s 2015’s Talent Attraction Study: What Matters to The Modern Candidate, says that 7 in 10 workers say they’re actively looking for other jobs or open to hearing about new positions. That means recruiters should wear their “sourcing” hat at all times – even when reference checking. SkillSurvey Source® when added to SkillSurvey Reference® helps recruiters boost their passive candidate database recruitment because you reach more references to begin with, and instantly obtain up to date contact information. Automated tools let you invite references to join your talent pool with a link and landing page once they’ve completed the reference survey. And now, new features in SkillSurvey Source will give recruiters more powerful communications tools to “nurture” and keep those candidates engaged.

Candidate nurturing

After candidates have opted in and expressed interest in being part of your talent pool, you don’t want to ghost them. Once you build a database of potential candidates, the key to successful recruitment marketing is to continually nurture them – and to do it with effective, creative content that keeps your brand and potential employment opportunities top of mind. Create a series of scheduled emails to share links to your career site, videos, corporate blogs and customer testimonials. Help potential candidates answer the essential question: “Why do I want to work here?” Build out a logical timeline that makes sense. The key is, you don’t want to spam potential candidates, or risk them opting out. Consider monthly, bimonthly messages or quarterly message timings to stay top-of mind. Start with a welcome message that thanks them for joining and introduces your career portal, and then create a series that continues to share more about your organization, regardless of whether you have an exact fit role at that moment.
Potential email content to share:

  • Discuss your company’s values and culture;
  • Highlight specific employees, divisions or teams
  • Describe job openings (make those job titles inviting);
  • Explain the products you make or services you provide
  • Top news about your company – product or company milestones, awards or other recognition

In subsequent emails, your goal should be to keep your potential candidate up to speed about new positions, as well as any developments that would add to the appeal of your brand. Include news about your company and industry (from your public relations team), promotional information (from your marketing team), profiles of exceptional employees, and examples of community service performed by employees.

Include a strong Call to Action (CTA)

To make sure that potential candidates to contact you, always include a strong call-to-action (CTA) statement, for example, “Apply Now” or “Learn more about our benefits” in your emails, along with a link to your ATS, online application or email.

Target your messages to your audience

New features available in SkillSurvey Source allow you to create company or division level email campaigns so you can control what messages and job opportunities you’re sending across your various pipelines. They also allow you to set templates and formats for each group.

Technology ties it all together

With the recruitment marketing tools available in SkillSurvey Source, you can grow your pipeline and boost engagement with your passive candidates.

  • Find high-quality relevant passive candidates and match them to open positions;
  • Actively engage them on your website with interactive technology, professional pipeline-level scheduled email campaigns (including the ability to create email templates for other recruiters and divisions in your company to use, as well as ensure delivery with anti-spam features);
  • Track the history of outgoing and incoming emails for each passive candidate, manage bounced emails and opt-outs and other activity on an online dashboard – and integrate with your existing ATS and CRM tools;

SkillSurvey Source®, combined with SkillSurvey Reference®, makes it super-easy for you to create a warm pipeline of talent from job candidates’ references, referrals and beyond. Start reaching out to and nurturing passive candidates, promote your brand, build interest in open roles, and then convert those passive candidates into active ones. Learn more here.

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