Tailor your reference checking process and get the feedback you need from references

With the customer configured capability available with SkillSurvey Reference, your organization can tailor how you reference checks are conducted for different jobs, types, groups or levels of employees. Perhaps there are certain groups of positions, types of employees or workforce segments where you may you have already defined what information you are looking to secure from references, or you may find that answers to just a handful of questions provides you the data you need.

Using our customer configured feature, you define the reference process in three ways. First, by determining what questions will be used by your organization. This could leverage questions from our survey library or you can develop your own questions. Second, the number of references you would like to respond to the questions you’ve selected. And finally, you can indicate if the responses from references should remain confidential.


Customer determines what is asked of references


Customer determines the number of references required


Customer determines if responses are confidential or not