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The 2018 Winter Olympics are well underway, and we are hearing about the Olympic heroes whose stories are enriching this year’s games. When you think about your organization, can you think of the employees that you’ve brought onboard that have guided your team to victory? The employees that stay late, meet deadlines, and are enjoyable to work with? Those employees were once your gold medal candidates and are the keys to making your organization a true success.

However, finding those candidates is no easy feat for a recruiter. Often, trying to find the right person to meet the job qualifications but also fit into your company’s dynamics and culture can often be a (dare we say it?) Olympic task. How can you be sure which candidate is the right one to end up on top of the podium?

Luckily, when you incorporate SkillSurvey Reference into your hiring process, you get the human insights that turn going for the gold from a daunting challenge to an everyday occurrence.

The Opening Ceremonies – Let the Recruiting Games Begin!

You’ve posted your new position and a parade of applications are starting to pour in. Before you start performing superhuman Alpine Ski flips trying to get organized, remember that SkillSurvey ReferenceTM integrates into most ATS and CRM systems – so you can easily streamline the process to organize your candidates.

Based on resumes and experience, you start your phone screen qualifiers and narrow it down to the three candidates you want to bring in for their final run, the in-person interviews. From here on out, you’re looking for your gold medalist – the one candidate who will rise above the rest.

One of the toughest challenges in recruiting is culture fit. A candidate may have all the technical skills on paper but finding out if a candidate will mesh well is tough to measure. A successful Olympian has to balance the pressure of performing well with national teammates they have never competed with before, but also manage their interactions with the press, their fans in the crowd, a melting pot of international competitors, and the millions spectators watching from home. These exceptional athletes need the soft skills to succeed both in the arena and in the court of public option. Who better to give you that feedback than their former teammates?

With SkillSurvey Reference, you get that feedback on your job candidates. By hearing from a candidate’s former managers and coworkers, you can get the full picture on how your candidate might work, not only on their specific team, but whether they have the soft skills to truly represent your organization.

How do you reference check today? Whether you check references with a standard phone call or not at all, take a look at our handy screening method comparison tool.

Let’s Throw It to the Judges

Figure Skating. The crème de le crème of winter sports. Why do we love it? Is it the passion, the grace, the athleticism? Is it the sparkle? There are a million reasons to appreciate this sport, but that’s not what crowns a gold medal Olympian. At the heart of the sport is the athleticism and the technical score, outlined for you by judges table. When evaluating candidates, recruiters need their own judging rubric to avoid being captivated by the glitz and glamour of a great first impression.

When you are extending the same survey to each candidate, you create consistency in your reference checking, as well as help to remove any hidden bias. Curious about what some of those categories might be? Imagine finding a candidate that’s a perfect 10 (or in this case, 7) in the following categories:

  • Managing Others
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving and Adaptability
  • Personal Value Commitment

With most of the responses returned in less than two days, recruiters spend less time chasing down references and receive more in-depth information to help get a better picture of who will end up on the podium.

When you use SkillSurvey Reference before you bring in your final candidates for in-person interviews, you can ask he or she specific behavioral-based questions based on their feedback. Learn more about the different reports you get with each candidate and position.

And the Winner Is…

The ratings are in. The moment is now. You’ve looked through all the reference feedback, reviewed the candidate comparison report, conducted the interviews, and made your decision. Using performance data you can trust, you are ready to decide who is going to go for the gold in your organization (and, since you used the Pre-Hire 360 Process, proven to reduce turnover) you can be sure they will stay on your team for years to come.

Don’t Forget about Your Silver Medalists

Many times, recruiters must make a tough decision between two great candidates. Adding your Silver Medalists into SkillSurvey SourceTM will help you remember to keep track of those that fell short but could still score big in the future in a similar role.

The biggest benefit of reaching out to these candidates? You know they are already qualified enough for your organization to be a finalist in the past. He or she also has already completed your interview process and has met with internal team members, to help get them up to speed faster. No one wants to start over at training camp. Plus, you can directly link to a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and continue to engage with them to remind them your organization will be the one to help their dreams come true.

Ready to Go for the Gold?

Start building your perfect team now. Start with a SkillSurvey Reference Free Trial or sign up for a personal demo today!

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