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We know that not every person engaged by your organization is a traditional job candidate. Volunteers, interns, temporary staff or other gig workers support or are part of the workforce and reference checking them is just as important as full-time employees. Now, new enhancements to SkillSurvey ReferenceTM will make it easier for our customers to do just that.

“Today’s workforce continues to evolve and includes many non-traditional working arrangements – at the same time, employers have a greater need than ever to learn more about each individual who engages with and represents their organization. These enhancements will help our customers get critical insights on the people they’re bringing into the fold in any capacity,” said SkillSurvey CEO Ray Bixler.

The new features provide customers the opportunity to adjust the reference checking workflow and communications to support various roles such as volunteer, interns, co-op and other contingent workers and the unique reference relationships they may have. For example, in the case of a travelling or in-home nurse or assistant, a reference might be a client or patient versus a “manager.”

Here are some key options the new updates provide:

  • Create divisions and workforce segments within your SkillSurvey Reference account to accommodate your various volunteer, intern or other job roles.
  • Customize the request emails, instructions and field names to match your volunteer or other job role terminology. And, you can adjust or include questions you need for the role.
  • Staffing companies can get immediate references and timely, relevant feedback for contingent workers. Staffing companies can easily and continually update reference responses after a contingent worker completes an assignment so their contract professionals have the most up to date references ready for their next opportunity.

These enhancements, along with texting capabilities announced earlier this year, make it easier for employers to apply best reference checking practices to everyone who is representing their organization.

Clients who are interested in learning more about adding these options to your account should contact their customer relationship director. Recruiters and hiring managers can see a video and explore online reference checking here.

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