It’s only natural that the more senior level the position, the more time is spent assessing the candidate and checking their references. Meanwhile, your customers interact more often with entry-level front-line employees and many of these hourly employees have a greater direct impact on your brand and customer experience. For some hourly higher turn-over roles, reference checking is conducted as a late affirmation in the hiring process — if it is conducted at all.

A recent article highlights SkillSurvey’s latest research and how our fast, online system allows employers to get detailed, candid feedback on employees at any level.

Our patented system allows the reference’s feedback to be used more strategically when analyzed by a client and helps organizations identify the job candidates who have what it takes to succeed based on the reference feedback. You can read about it in this recent article which describes the specific customer service behaviors that help boost bottom line results:

The Business Journals: What retailers need to know when hiring this year

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