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Make your hiring process more compliant, and successful

Leverage proven I/O psychologist best practices and predictive talent analytics

SkillSurvey’s online reference process through its patented Pre-Hire 360® workflow uses best practices in job competency modeling, rigorous statistical validation and customer research to identify the skills required for a given position. SkillSurvey pioneered online reference checking (check out our patents), and we continuously validate our process to ensure it is delivering results.

Predictive Validity
Results from SkillSurvey’s scientific studies statistically predict supervisor evaluations, hiring manager satisfaction, new hire job satisfaction and involuntary turnover. Our studies of over 49,000 new hires have validated that candidates hired through the Pre-Hire 360 workflow in SkillSurvey Reference helped organizations reduce first-year turnover for cause by 35.5%.

Ratings made by our references hold up over time, and align with those made by other references.

EEOC Compliance
We help support your efforts to remain EEOC compliant. We’re proud to say that our results consistently exceed the EEOC’s recommended guidelines.

Learn more: check out the Elements of a Great Online Reference Solution infographic

Online reference checking developed by I/O Experts

Our Analytics team, led by industrial organizational psychologists, is recognized for its collective experience, peer-reviewed and published research and credentials.

Our Pre-Hire 360 process provides:

Job-specific feedback on past performance – We offer hundreds of surveys that ask about the critical soft skills that are the true predictors of job success.

Confidential process – This gives references the confidence to be more open and candid.

EEOC compliant – Surveys are based on a comprehensive methodology that is statistically valid, reliable, and unbiased. Note that as a tool that is typically used pre-hire, job specificity is an important feature of our process.

Target new hire onboarding programs – Use reference feedback to identify new hire training needs, help them hit the ground running when they join your organization.

Multilingual capabilities – Allow you to communicate with references in their own language.

Norming and Percentile Rankings – Leverage additional insights on your job candidates. Percentiles show a candidate’s Average Numeric Rating as compared to ratings from those in the appropriate norm group or organizations.

Our Customer-Configured workflow lets you leverage best-practice tools and our survey library with your own parameter to meet your specific hiring needs.