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Bare minimum reference checks conducted by background screening companies or phone calls confirming name and dates of employment do little to prevent negligent hiring lawsuits or ensure compliance with EEOC guidelines and statutes.

By moving to an online reference check process scientifically proven not to adversely impact protected classes and pre-screens talent for required competencies hospitals and healthcare organizations are getting ahead of their competition by making the best hiring decisions while remaining compliant with EEOC statutes and guidelines.

What makes a reference check compliant?

At SkillSurvey, we take compliance very seriously and validate that our reference assessments have psychometric integrity and reliable results. Our in-house team of PhD I/O psychologists stringently follow best practices including the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and SIOP’s Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures to help reduce legal risk for our customers, promote fairness in hiring and help them select the best talent.

This fact sheet outlines why hospitals that continue to merely ‘check the box’ with reference checking, and don’t raise their expectations regarding acquiring detailed job performance feedback from references with a validated solution, create risk for their organizations.

Gain compliance and hire employees who will support it

Leaders like Adventist Health System and Encompass Health (formerly HealthSouth and Encompass Home Health & Hospice) along with more than 800 healthcare facilities now use a proven approach to competency-based reference checks which provide predictive data about a candidates’ success without adverse impact to protected classes.

The SkillSurvey ReferenceTM Pre-Hire 360®process mitigates risk by providing:

  1. Actionable information on candidate’s job-related behaviors resulting in improved quality of hires
  2. Proof that the solution supports EEOC compliance
  3. Dramatic improvement in hiring efficiency
  4. Immediate Return on Investment

SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360 Workflow in the Healthcare Industry: No Race/Ethnicity, Gender, or Age Group Bias

The Uniform Guidelines (1978), a document issued by the U.S. EEOC and other federal agencies including the Department of Labor, states that, “A selection rate for any race, sex, or ethnic group which is less than 4/5 (80%) of the rate for the group with the highest rate will generally be regarded by the Federal enforcement agencies as evidence of adverse impact.”

SkillSurvey does not compute or report a selection rate, per se, on the reference feedback report using our Pre-Hire 360 workflow. We do, however, report an Overall Average Numeric Rating for each finalized candidate. The numeric rating has been normed (using percentiles) against thousands of candidates reference checked on the same, or similar, job-specific survey. The end user has the option to view these percentiles on the candidate report.

The analyses conducted by our team of I/O psychologist show that there is no bias in the reference provider ratings with respect to gender, age group, or race/ethnicity of candidates applying for positions in the healthcare industry.

Earlier statistical documentation to support lack of bias in the ratings provided by the reference providers was published in our peer-reviewed journal article, Web‐based Multisource Reference Checking: An investigation of psychometric integrity and applied benefits.

If your facility relies on your background screener or highly inefficient phone calls to conduct reference checks, now is the time to act.

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