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3 Ways to Hire Smarter in Higher Education

Download This Practical Guide for Forward-Thinking Institutions

3 Ways to Hire Smarter in Higher Education eBookGraduate to a smarter method of hiring


People are the foundation of every higher education institution. Ultimately, they’re responsible for your enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. And your reputation.

And yet, when it comes to selecting people, many institutions still rely on an approach that’s distinctly lacking in academic rigor.

Discover how a new approach to online reference checking, like SkillSurvey Reference, can help you:

  • Improve hire quality and gain a more complete picture of job candidates simply by asking the right questions and getting the right answers
  • Make better use of HR resources, and save both time and money
  • Ace compliance by leveraging a standardized, centralized process

In addition, you’ll be able to hear first-hand how several leading institutions, like Clemson University, have leveraged online reference checking to streamline their hiring processes.

Download the eBook, Three Ways to Hire Smarter in Higher Education to find out more, and get started today.