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3 Ways Better Reference Checking Integration Leads to Better Outcomes

reference checking integration

Integrating digital reference checking

Recruiters have zero time to waste when trying to fill vacant positions at scale. If you’re at a company where you’re trying to fill hundreds of positions at once or in a year, you need supportive digital platforms to manage and evaluate candidates to work more efficiently. But here’s the catch: using and managing all that technology eats up time. That’s why your reference checking solution should  integrate with your ATS or HR Tech Stack.

Why reference check?

Hiring risks are greater than ever. Beyond the high costs of turnover and replacement when the wrong hiring decision is made, consider how a single employee can put your organization at risk for potential lawsuits and brand damage that can add up to millions.

Why integrate?

But to realize the value of reference checks, your technology needs to align with the recruiting process and integrate seamlessly, to save recruiters time and keep them in the flow of work.

In this e-book, we share three areas to focus on for better integrations for the talent acquisition technology stack to drive better outcomes:

  • Efficiency – save time and deliver key insights at the right times throughout the recruiting process. Free recruiters to focus on strategic priorities and sourcing new candidates.
  • Compliance – make sure that reference checks take place for every new hire, that appropriate questions are asked of references and that there is no bias in the process
  • Involving the hiring manager sooner – deeper insights earlier in the hiring process can lead to better decision-making and lead to higher-quality interviews, which are at a premium.