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Building a Remote Workforce in a Post-COVID-19 World

Remote Workers WebinarIn the blink of an eye, the threat of COVID-19 turned the concept of remote working from a pipe dream to a necessary reality.  In what Bloomberg is calling “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment,” countless organizations have found themselves needing to adapt to a new normal overnight. However, organizations hiring a remote workforce for the first time face an entirely new set of challenges – how can my organization efficiently identify the necessary criteria and build a framework that will succeed in a productive remote workforce?

View this short, 15-minute on-demand webinar to answer these questions and more. Steve Heister, Chief Product Officer at SkillSurvey, shares key strategies for tackling the challenges of hiring for a remote workforce. In addition, he covers:

  • The future of remote work post-COVID-19
  • Identifying the soft skills needed for remote workers to succeed
  • How online reference checking can give you a competitive edge
  • The importance of employee retention