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Build a Stronger Talent Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Enterprise Companies Have an Untapped Talent Resource

build talent pipelineOnly 25% of the workforce is actively looking for a job, so you need to get more creative about sourcing. That could mean hundreds of jobs to fill for your enterprise-size company.

There’s a huge untapped market of potential candidates out there. The only thing is, they’re not actively looking for a new job – YOU have to find them. You’re leveraging new online channels … but then again, so is everyone else. With more than 20,000 recruiter accounts today on LinkedIn, the top performers you’re trying to reach are being tapped multiple times every month.

It’s time to get creative:

  • Learn about a potential passive candidate source that grows exponentially through a unique source – a candidate’s references – along with referrals
  • Uncover a reliable source of candidates with expertise and mastery in a particular industry or job specialty
  • Build an up-to-date database of new candidate leads that you can contact directly to stay engaged, and top of mind

Learn more by instantly downloading the whitepaper: Potential Job Candidates Are Easy to Find, If You Double-dip®