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2016 Credentialing Survey Results:

The State of Credentialing and the Costly Impact of Delays

In a 2016 survey distributed to industry leaders, SkillSurvey asked hundreds about their credentialing processes. We found that top medical talent is sitting on the bench waiting for privileges and money is being left on the table due to unnecessary credentialing delays. As the initial driver of the revenue cycle, you can’t afford to have the onboarding process take longer than necessary – neither can your applicants or your patients. It’s likely there’s a leak in your revenue cycle and it has everything to do with how you’re credentialing.

Get the latest data on the state of credentialing processes today and discover just how big an impact credentialing delays and inefficiencies have on your bottom line and the satisfaction of your prospective providers.

Credentialing: The Impact of Delay Infographic

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