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Dimension Data

Amping up the strategic value of recruiting

“It streamlined the process, it’s value-add back to the business, and my recruiters love it. This has completely changed and revolutionized how we look at reference checking.”
Jennifer Talley

Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Dimension Data

The Goal

Dimension Data might be one of the best tech companies you never heard of. While they might not have the same level of name recognition as some of their competitors, its information and communications technology solutions power 72 percent of the Fortune 100 and 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Behind the scenes are 25,000 energetic employees in 58 countries. Not surprisingly, given Dimension Data’s global footprint, diversity is critical in their recruiting.

Jennifer Talley, Global Director of Talent Acquisition, said “We’re always looking for the best talent in the uber-competitive tech space. No matter what country, the goal is always to find the right people.”

Talley sets an equally high benchmark for her team of global recruiters.

The Challenge

High performers in the technology market are a special breed of employee in high demand. They are innovative, creative, and nimble enough to adapt to a bit of chaos. Values of integrity and respect are equally important. And since technology roles exist across almost every industry, these roles are incredibly difficult to fill due to competition.

It’s also not surprising that traditional reference checks don’t shed much light on any of these highly-desired attributes. In the past, recruiters chased references over a period of three to five days, and reached two, maybe three, people if they were lucky. It was about a 90-minute investment of time that yielded little value.

“SkillSurvey Reference gives us the tool we need to be consultative with our hiring managers and help them make the best hiring decisions. I love that there is science behind the questions and the feedback. We provide managers good, solid insights into candidates, and we’re providing a huge value to the business.”

Jennifer Talley

Global Talent Acquisition Director, Dimension Data

How We Helped

The consultative approach taken by Talley begins with a conversation between her team and hiring managers to probe to understand and identify desirable traits in candidates. Her team uses this information when sourcing candidates and filling their talent pipeline. This understanding comes full circle when the recruiters present hiring managers with deep feedback from references obtained with SkillSurvey Reference’s Pre-Hire 360 feature. At a glance, managers can see whether a candidate has demonstrated the traits that mesh with the company’s core values and their team. The solution also maps the feedback to the soft skills that are scientifically proven for success in a particular position.

In addition to providing insightful feedback, SkillSurvey Reference streamlines the process. It takes just two minutes for a recruiter to kick off the process, and in less than two days, recruiters receive feedback from five or more references per candidate.

“We are saving a ton of time and efficiency using SkillSurvey Reference, and we are getting feedback that is invaluable.”
Jennifer Talley

Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Dimension Data

SkillSurvey Reference also makes it easy for interested references to opt-in to Dimension Data’s passive candidate pool. More than 1,000 references have expressed an interest in future positions, giving Dimension Data a head start on finding their next great hire.

The Results

“I am always looking for something new, efficient, and creative to help us hire better. SkillSurvey Reference checks all the boxes.”
Jennifer Talley

Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Dimension Data

Easy to Go Global

SkillSurvey Reference is simple to use, making it easy for Dimension Data to implement it in multiple regions including the Americas, Australia and, soon, India. Staff, candidates, and references can select from one of six languages so they can work in their native language.

The company’s goal is to roll out SkillSurvey Reference worldwide.


Reference feedback is returned
in less than half a day


The average candidate had
five references feeding back


30% of the references opted-in
to Dimension Data’s passive talent community

About Dimension Data

Dimension Data is a global ICT solutions provider with 25,000 employees and offices in 58 countries. It provides integrated enterprise cloud solutions that combine its heritage in systems integration with its enterprise-class cloud services to help its clients realize the benefits of cloud computing while managing the risk of integration and migration.

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