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Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process to Help Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Your Institution

Hire smarter in higher education

One of the most important responsibilities facing higher education today is creating and promoting a diverse campus. As the college landscape continues to evolve, institutions must provide more opportunity for students from all types of backgrounds. This makes it even more essential for colleges and universities to reduce bias in the hiring process to help promote diversity and inclusion at their institution.

Reduce Bias and Promote Cultural Diversity in Higher Education Hiring Whitepaper Essential GridDiscover how objective measurements of a job candidates’ past performance through multi-source online reference checking can help you:

  • Capture consistent, honest, and in-depth information about a candidate’s qualifications and background
  • Provide insight into how well a candidate interacts with people of different backgrounds
  • Reduce bias in hiring, which helps promote a more culturally diverse workplace and institution

Download the whitepaper to learn more: Leveraging Pre-Hire Reference Assessments to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process and Promote Cultural Diversity in Higher Education.