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The Future of Work and Generation Z: The data you need for more strategic recruiting

generation z in the workplaceEverything you need to know about recruiting, hiring and managing GenZ.

GenZ has arrived and are hitting the workforce at a time of unprecedented change.

What you think you know about GenZ might include a few facts and a lot of hype. They’re the most educated generation to join the workforce, but do they have the skills and competencies employers desire? They’re tech-natives who have grown up online sharing selfies and creating videos. Recruiters must know how to engage with them in the latest social media platform du jour.

No single survey can ever fully capture the diversity of an entire generation—particularly one just emerging into adulthood. But new research findings should help you begin to understand how Generation Z might just change your talent acquisition strategy.

  • Get data on how today’s entry-level workers and college students measure against the skills employers need, including critical soft skills
  • Learn tips on how to find and recruit GenZ and promote your brand to a generation that values diversity, authenticity and meaningful experiences
  • Understand what makes this generation tick and how to assess their career readiness for the workplace