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The Talent Professional’s Field Guide to Boost Employee Experience

8 Steps to a more productive and happier workforce

2020 was a year like no other: a global pandemic, widespread social and political unrest, an economic downturn, and more people working remotely – many for the first time. It’s no wonder that a recent Gallup poll found that 85% of our nation’s workers are not engaged.

boost employee experience

To thrive in this new reality, organizations need to rely on the energy, commitment, and engagement of their workforce to help move forward.

In this field guide we break down how to develop and sustain employee engagement at your organization. Discover the eight steps you can implement today to create a better workplace. Steps like:

  • Measure engagement: we map out the stages of the employee lifecycle to measure and why they are important.
  • Prepare your new hires for success: we share ideas and tips to try with your team, including a discussion on how to boost engagement among remote employees.
  • Create a culture of recognition: A Career Builder study found that 50% of employees would stay at their organization if they were tangibly recognized. We provide some ideas to help you build a successful recognition program.

Plus, we’ll share how new technologies provide a data-driven approach to improve the engagement journey.

Incorporating these steps will help you build a plan tailor-made for your organization that results in a better employee experience leading to higher employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased productivity and profitability.

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The final destination: a more engaged workforce

According to Gallup the impact of a more engaged workforce includes:



higher profitability


lower absenteeism

less turnover


lower turnover (for high-turnover organizations)
lower turnover


lower turnover (for low-turnover organizations)
fewer safety issues


fewer safety incidents

patient safety


fewer patient safety incidents
higher sales


higher sales


higher productivity

Start your engagement journey today.