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Healthcare Hiring: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

A healthcare organization’s success lies in its employee’s ability to take great care of its patients. With patient experience becoming a top priority, all elements of a healthcare organization need to adapt including talent acquisition and human resources. Academic and professional experience can provide an employee with a great foundation in hard skills, but lacking insight into soft skills could lead to quick turnover or a major adverse impact to patient experience.

In this webinar, the presenter walks through observations and best practices in understanding and selecting candidates with soft skills in mind. You will learn:

Healthcare Soft Skills Essential Grid

  • What are soft skills, how they’re different from hard skills, and why are they important
  • Which soft skills are crucial for healthcare job candidates to ensure quality patient experience
  • How to identify soft skills in each stage of recruitment
  • Best practices for behavioral-based interviewing
  • How to adapt your process based on the generational differences from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z