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Hiring a Patient-Centric Workforce

HCAHPS and HR: Partnering for change.  Achieving outstanding patient satisfaction scores starts with hiring better candidates


It’s no secret – patient satisfaction and a focus on value-based care is a top priority for hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. HCAHPS scores have a real impact on your bottom line, impacting consumer healthcare choices, government funding rates, and insurance payment structures.

HCAHPS and HR eBook Essential GridCheck out our eBook, HCAHPS and HR: Partnering for Change, where we break down the critical role HR professionals can play to positively influence patient satisfaction for their organizations.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What patient perspectives on the HCAHPS survey align with behavioral competencies you can assess in your job candidates
  • How to find people with the critical “soft skills” that matter for HCAHPS
  • How to hire top quality talent to gain better performance and reduced turnover